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WebSphere traditional

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warning about stopping the server when restarting the server

need to implement warning about stopping the server when restarting the server in websphere application server web interface in node agent and application server sections
4 months ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Automation of WAS Fixpack and IF

There are multiple security vulnerabilities affecting WebSphere Application Servers. It is almost every month we are applying interim fix or a fixpack. We are using Installation Manager to apply the fix.Please develop the Installation Manager or c...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Under review

Websphere Audit log format

System: WebSphere Application ServerActor: User needing improvement on existing featureDescription: We are using WAS 8.5.5 and 9.0. The audit log generated by WebSphere is in binary format which is not readable by QRadar. Request to generate the a...
8 months ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Future consideration

Change background color for Admin Console

WAS admins have a non-prod console, and a prod console open side by side to do any config comparisons, and by accident, easily one might change the configuration in Production Live Console, which is quite risky. There have been many instances that...
about 3 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Future consideration

SAML does not send LOGOUT request from SAML SP to SAML IdP

Background, this is for IBM Connections customers using SAML. Currently, when SAML customers try to logout of Conncetions they can't because SAML does not send LOGOUT request from SAML SP to SAML IdP. . Find ,spec here section 4.3 of ...
almost 7 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Future consideration

Transaction peer recovery for WAS Liberty

We need peer recovery for transactions in Liberty ready for the Cloud.
over 5 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Future consideration

"Quality of Protection (QoP) settings" display box leads to security breaches

The SSL Quality of Protection (QoP) settings (SSL certificate and key management > SSL configuration > NodeDefaultSSLSettings) panel is particularly frustrating to use and leads to security breaches1- The list of available ciphers is contain...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Under review

Enable Websphere ldap user registry to support ldap binding authentication by Kerberos

Currently, the ldap user registry used in the federated repository need a password-based authentication for the ldap binding account.To achieve a passwordless scenario through Kerberos and credential cache, it would be a more secure offering if ld...
over 1 year ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Future consideration

Enable rolling of log and trace files on time-basis without server bounce

Enable rolling of message and log files on a time-based parameter. We should not have to take down a server instance to achieve rolling the logs.
about 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Under review

Websphere Application Server: Self Signed Default Websphere certificate missing IP or DNS names in SAN field

The self signed certificates in Websphere application server has default SAN field populated and not the IP or DNS name as required by browsers causing the browsers (Chrome, FireFox etc) to complain that the SAN field is missing.
over 1 year ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Under review