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Pipeline as code for UrbanBuild

System: UrbanCode BuildActor: Application needs new feature to complete the DevOps automation as per industry.UrbanCode Build is used to automate CI process to build, deploy and configure test cases for multiple applications.Description: Ability ...
about 1 year ago in UrbanCode / Build 1 Future consideration

See large objects in eXtreme Scale Grid

Delta Air Lines would like to be able to browse objects in the eXtreme Scale grid, especially "large" objects. "Large" would be a customer-defined parameter. The client would like to be able to use a GUI (web browser) to view the object contents....
about 4 years ago in WebSphere eXtreme Scale 0 Submitted

Configurable Buttons (Useable in Read Only Mode)

Buttons which were not assigned directly to a field could be used (clickable) in record status read-only and modify. Since specific security fix this behaviour was disabled (PMR by Bosch, at this moment unknown PMR number)
about 4 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest 1 Future consideration

Netcool Impact which uses WAS allows SSL communication even though the hostname is invalid in the Personal Certificate

Case number: TS000158115Netcool Impact uses an embedded WASWAS start/stop SSL: WAS L3 answered that a new RFE is needed."This request is that the Netcool/Impact server startup, via WAS, must implement SSL hostname certificate verificationa. By ...
about 3 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Under review

Export project discards library and order history of Generic Service Client

For REST / SOA service testing, RPT feeds a request library (requisitions) as well as a history of executing these requests during the development of the test script. Protocol settings are also created for authenticated services and / or you use S...
about 2 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 2 Future consideration

Coexistence of multiple authentication mechanisms for a single service in Liberty

Liberty has limited support to have multiple authentication mechanisms to a service when one of them is SPNEGO. With custom TAI and the method isTargetInterceptor you could determine if this interceptor should handle the request. The method has th...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Cadence/ClearCase: improve speed of scan checkedout directories

In one of our bigger projects we noticed that ClearCase Workarea Manager takes very long to complete the "scan checkedout directories" function. I took a deeper look and found that it executes cleartool lsco -fmt '%n:%[object_kind]p...
about 4 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest 1 Planned for future release

xscmd Ehancements

Customers should be able to use the xscmd command to help provide better insight of errors across many grids and to utilize the command for improved recovery for many grids that may have issues.
about 3 years ago in WebSphere eXtreme Scale 0 Submitted

Allow more control for CORS configuration: Allow pattern matching with wildcards when configuring CORS tag in server.xml

System: WebSphere Liberty ProfileActor: Integration from different domains when using front-end Libs such as Angular and micro service back-endsWebSphere Liberty is commonly used in cloud worlds serving micro services and integration REST APIs.In ...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

merged server.xml

Liberty supports loading configuration from the configDropins/default, configDropins/overrides and the server.xml file. This can result in multiple configuration files, and it can be hard to determine what the server is actually running with.
about 4 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Future consideration